Help spread awareness for Ovarian Cancer by painting the roads of Massachusetts TEAL!

1,500 pre-paid orders for the Ovarian Cancer license plate need to be collected before production can begin. Please share this effort with your family, friends and co-workers - being aware of the early symptoms of this deadly disease can save the life of a woman you love!



Please send your completed application along with a $40 check, payable to MassDOT for the special plate fee, to: 


Margaret’s Mission for Ovarian Cancer Awareness

P.O. Box 426111

Cambridge, MA 02142


You will be notified by mail when your plates have been shipped to the requested Registry of Motor Vehicles branch. Bring your registration and current plates (if applicable) to the branch at that time. There is a $20 plate swap fee plus any applicable registration fees due at the time of plate pick-up.           


Please note: Your check will not be cashed until 1,500 pre-orders are received.  Once your check is processed, the $40.00 is non refundable. This special plate is available to Massachusetts residents using this form only; there is no online ordering process at this time. License plates will use randomly assigned numbers only.

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